1965 february 14, birth, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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1982 Diploma, secondary school (VWO), Oude Hoven, Gorinchem, The Netherlands

1987 Graduation, theology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Specializations: pastoral psychology (major), missiology (minor)

1994 PhD, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

1998 Clinical Pastoral Education, Drachten, The Netherlands


2017-present Dean of the Faculty of Religion and Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2011-present Member of the Upper Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, vice-chair of the standing committee for education, culture, and science (2011-2015); chair of the standing committee for Kingdom Affairs (2015-2019)
2005-present Professor of practical theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, head of department from 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2016
2007-2009 Professor of theology, Windesheim Christian University of Applied Sciences
1996-2008 Assistant / Associate professor of practical theology, Kampen Theological University.

1995 Temporary lecturer practical theology, Catholic Theological University, Utrecht

1995 Temporary lecturer practical theology, Reformed Theological Institute, Utrecht

1990-1995 Lecturer pastoral care, De Wittenberg school for professional higher education, Zeist

1987-1997 Minister "Nederlands Gereformeerde Kerk", serving the congregations in Alkmaar, Wormerveer, and Doorn


At my own institution

1998-2003, Member of the curriculum-committee (Kampen)

2000-2005, Director of Research in Practical Theology and Ethics (Kampen)

2001-2005, Liaison officer for contacts with the (Moravian) Theological Seminary, Paramaribo, Surinam and the Reformed Theological University, Debrecen, Hungary (Kampen)

2002-2007, Coordinator of post-initial education and academic service (Kampen)

2004-2007, coordinator of the masters' program in practical theology on trauma and theology, Kampen Theological University.

2004-2008, Director of the research project Life story book methods in elderly care (total research grants € 338.000). Funded by ZonMW and additionally sponsored by Het Zonnehuis. A joint venture of Kampen Theological University, KASKI, and Relief

2004-present, Coordinator and main lecturer of the Post-academic training on pastoral care and trauma (joint venture with COGIS (knowledge center for victims of war and violence)

2006-2011, chair of the curatorium for the Willem van den Bergh chair for social integration of people with mental disabilities, theological faculty, VU University

2007-2008 coordinator honoursprogramme Theology, VU University Amsterdam

2008-present, member (and since 2009 chair) of the curatorium for the chair in liturgical sciences, theological faculty, VU University

2009-2011, 2013-2014 chair of the committee for the exams, theological faculty, VU University

20013-2017, Director of the research project Contested privates. The oppositional pairing of religion and homosexuality in contemporary public
discourse in the Netherlands
(total research grants € 466.453). Funded by NWO and additional sponsors. A joint venture of VU University and Utrecht University. 

2012-2015 Director of the international research network Transforming Religious Identities and Communities at the Intersections of the Rural, Urban, and Virtual (total research grants € 70.000). Funded by NWO and matching sponsored by network partners (9 research teams from UK, NL, DE, SE, RS, RSA).

In the wider academic world

2001-2011, Webmaster for the International Academy of Practical Theology

2002-present, Guest lecturer post-academic training health care chaplains, Antwerpen, Belgium

2003-present, Guest lecturer Paramaribo, Surinam - Montréal, Canada - Pretoria, South Africa - Bloemfontein, South Africa - Stellenbosch, South Africa - Tahan, Myanmar - Ambon, Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia - Sao Leopoldo, Brasil - Bukavu, Democratic Republic Congo -

2006-present, Research Fellow, University of Pretoria (South Africa)

2007-present, Research Fellow, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein (South Africa)

in society
1997-2011, Pastoral counselor in private practice

2001-2011, Consultant for congregations dealing with cases of sexual violence

2008-2016, co-owner Hotel de Admiraal, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Academic organizations

member of the International Academy of Practical Theology (member of the executive committee 2003-2011; president 2007-2009)

member of the board of NOSTER, Dutch Research School for Theology and Religious Sciences (2007-2016)

president of the International Society for Empirical Research in Theology (2014-2018)

member of the board for humanities of NWO, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, 2015-2016

Academic editorships

series co-editor of Lived Religion and Societal Challenges, Palgrave-MacMillan (2015-present)

series co-editor of Religion und Biographie, Münster: LIT (2004-present)

member of the editorial board of Soteria (1993-2000)

member of the editorial board of Theologisch Debat (2003-2008), member of the advisory board 2008-2011)

member of the advisory board of Psyche en Geloof (2000-2016)

member of the advisory board of Tijdschrift Geestelijke Verzorging (2008-2016)

member of the board of editors of Journal for Empirical Theology (2004-present)

ad hoc referee and book reviewer for journals including Acta Theologica - Archives for the Psychology of Religion - Culture, Health, and Sexuality - Exchange - the International Journal for the Pschology of Religion - the International Journal of Practical Theology - Journal for Empirical Theology - Journal of Homosexuality - Journal of Religion, Disability, and Health - Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion - Litnet Akademies - Mental Health, Religion, and Culture - Nederlands Theologisch Tijdschrift - Psyche en Geloof - Tijdschrift voor Theologie


member of the board of Transact, center of expertise for domestic and sexual violence and for gender, ethnicity, and care (2004-2006)

member of the Board of Trustees FIOM, national counseling service (2007-2016, chair 2013-2015)
member of the Board of Trustees KRO-NCRV broadcasting corporation (2013-present)
member of the VGVZ-expert committee on ecclesial office and spiritual care in hospital settings (2009)
chair of the board of De Linker Wang, platform for faith and politics (2009-2016)

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