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Over time I have taught courses on practical theology, research methods, pastoral and spiritual care, communication skills, rituals, trauma, conflict, gender, sexuality and sexual diversity, popular culture, and cinema.

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Ganzevoort, R.R., "Navigating Narratives"
Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Hoe christelijk is de tweede kans'?
Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Images of God and roles of the self'
Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Masculinity and post-traumatic spirituality'.
Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Religion and Violence'. In Wulff, D.M. (ed.) Handbook for the Psychology of religion.
Appelman & Ganzevoort

2023 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R., Alles is theologie, maar theologie is niet alles. Afscheidsrede als hoogleraar praktische theologie en decaan van de Faculteit Religie en Theologie. Amsterdam (VU): 25-09-2023
Ganzevoort,R.R., Development between Extraction and Compassion. Inaugural address as Rector and professor of Lived Religion and Development at the International Institute for Social Studies. Den Haag (ISS): 12-10-2023
Ganzevoort,R.R. (2023) Hopeloos maar niet ernstig. Praktisch-theologisch reflecteren op de toekomst. Handelingen 50(4), 65-71

2022 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R., "Cultural Hermeneutics of Religion." In: B. Weyel, W. Gräb, E. Lartey & C. Wepener (2022 eds.), International Handbook of Practical Theology, Berlin, De Gruyter, 633-646.
Ganzevoort, R.R. “Discerning the Calling of Theology.” In: K. van der Ham, G. van Vliet, P.B.A. Smit & K. Spronk (2022 Eds.) Building Bridges Towards a More Humane Society. Explorations in Contextual Biblical Interpretation on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Bridging Gaps Exchange Program. Geneva:, 21-30.

2021 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R., Sremac, S. & Wijayah Mulya, T., 'Why do we see him naked? Politicized, Spiritualized and Sexualized Gazes at Violence.' In: Reaves, J.R., Tombs, D. & Figueroa, R. (Eds.) When did we see you naked? Jesus as a victim of sexual abuse. London: SCM Press, 2021, 195-209.
van den Berg, M., Dinmohamed, S., Ganzevoort, RR., Klaver, J. & Mack, A., LHBTI’s, bekeerlingen en religieverlaters in de opvang. Amsterdam: Regioplan, 2021.

2020 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Close encounters of the fourth kind. A theological essay about new technologies.' In: J.A. van den Berg (ed.) Engaging the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy and Education. Bloemfontein: SUN Press 2020, 45-64.

Falkenburg, J.L., Van Dijk, M. Tibboel, D. & Ganzevoort, R.R., ‘The fragile spirituality of parents whose children died in the pediatric intensive care unit.’ Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy 26(3), 2020, 117-130. DOI: 10.1080/08854726.2019.1670538

Post, L. Ganzevoort, R.R. & Verdonck-de Leeuw, I.M., 'Transcending the Suffering in Cancer: Impact of a Spiritual Life Review Intervention on Spiritual Re-Evaluation, Spiritual Growth and Psycho-Spiritual Wellbeing.' Religions 03/2020, 11(3), (Special Issue Spiritual Care for People with Cancer), 142.

2019 (Back to Top)

Cense, M. & Ganzevoort, R.R., 'The storyscapes of teenage pregnancy. On morality, embodiment, and narrative agency.' Journal of Youth Studies 22(4), 2019, 568-583. Publisher's version:
Jansen, A., van der Linden, M., Hasselaar, J.J. & Ganzevoort, R.R., Spiritueel Kapitaal en Duurzame Ontwikkeling. Een onderzoek naar de bijdragen van religie en levensbeschouwing aan de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen in Nederland. Amsterdam: VU, Amsterdam Centrum voor Religie en Duurzame Ontwikkeling 2019
Liefbroer, A.I., Ganzevoort, R.R. & Olsman, H.J., 'Addressing the spiritual domain in a plural society. What is the best mode of integrating spiritual care into healthcare?' Mental Health, Religion, and Culture 22(3), 2019, 244-260.
Publishers's version:
Sremac, S. & Ganzevoort, R.R. (eds.) Trauma and Lived Religion. Transcending the Ordinary. Palgrave-McMillan 2019.
Sremac, S. & Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Trauma and Lived Religion. Embodiment and Emplotment.' In: Sremac, S. & Ganzevoort, R.R. (Eds.) Trauma and Lived Religion. Transcending the Ordinary. Palgrave-McMillan, 2019, 1-11.

2018 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R. 'La croissance post-traumatique. Transformer nos blessures en stigmates.' Prêtre et Pasteur 121(8), 481-485.
Ganzevoort, R.R. & Derks, M. , 'Unnatural ties. How adoption queers the family.' In:  Swinton, J. & Brock, B. (eds.) A Graceful Embrace: Theological Reflections on Adopting Children. Leiden: Brill 2018,  183-194.
Falkenburg, J.L., Tibboel, D., Ganzevoort, R.R., Gischler, S.J. & van Dijk, M., 'The Importance of Parental Connectedness and Relationships With Healthcare Professionals in End-of-Life Care in the PICU'. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 2018, 19(3), e157-e163.

2017 (Back to Top)

Cense, M. & Ganzevoort, R.R., " Navigating Identities.  Subtle and Public Agency of bicultural gay youth." Journal of Homosexuality.
Publisher's version: DOI: 10.1080/00918369.2016.1196992
Derks, M., Ganzevoort, R.R. & Korte, A.J.A.C.M., 'Nuptial Symbolics Beyond the Law. Constructions or Religion and Sexuality in Debates on Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage. Editorial introduction special issue Theology and Sexuality 23(3), 2017, 183-187.
Publisher's version:
Ganzevoort, R.R., 'The Drama Triangle of Religion and Violence.' In: Aslan, E. & Hermansen, M. (2017 eds.) Religion and Violence. Muslim and Christian Theological and Pedagogical Reflections. Wiener Beiträge zur Islamforschung. Springer, 17-30.
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Publisher's version: DOI: 10.1007/s10943-017-0369-1
Pfeifer, B. & Ganzevoort, R.R., 'Tell me why? Existential concerns of school shooters.' Journal of Religious Education 2017, 112(2), 123-135.
Publisher's version: DOI 10.1080/00344087.2016.1113908
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Valic, D., Ganzevoort, R.R. & Sremac, S., 'The patriarch and the pride. discourse analysis of the online public response to the Serbian Orthodox church condemnation of the 2012 Gay Pride.' In: Ganzevoort, R.R. & Sremac, S. (eds.),  Lived Religion and the Politics of (in)Tolerance. London: Palgrave, 2017, 85-110.

2016 (Back to Top)

Falkenburg, J.L., Tibboel, D., Ganzevoort, R.R., Gischler, S., Hagoort, J. & Van Dijk, M.,  'Parental Physical Proximity in End-of-Life Care in the PICU.' Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 17(5), 2016, e212-217. DOI: 10.1097/PCC.0000000000000682
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2015 (Back to Top)

Ganzevoort, R.R., "Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity (H. Shipley ed.)" Book Review. Journal of Empirical Theology 28(1), 144-145
Ganzevoort, R.R., Raconter pour vivre. Les significations spirituels de nos récits de vie (Preface de Jean-Guy Nadeau).  Montréal: Novalis 2015
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Blessed are the Eyes that Catch Divine Whispering. Silence and Religion in Film. Marburg: Schüren, 2015, 124-137
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Publisher's version here
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2014 (Back to Top)

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2013 (Back to Top)

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2012 (Back to Top)

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2011 (Back to Top)

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2010 (Back to Top)

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2009 (Back to Top)

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2007 (Back to Top)

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